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Since its inception in 1981, the House of Windsor has been your source for quality traditional English handcrafted giftwares and collectibles. We invite you to browse our site where you will find a wide selection of unique gifts and collectibles, many of heirloom quality and Unusual fun gifts . All of our merchandise is shipped from our own inventory and orders are usually be shipped by Priority Mail within 24-48 hours after the order has been received by us, so if you are caught in need of last minute gifts, we can help.


We offer many unique and creative mens valentines gifts and for the hard to shop for people on your gift list. For the special man who has everything, why not consider the Number 10 Downing Street Lion Head door knocker and make him feel like the Prime Minister. These are a rare find in the United States and would make him the envy of the neighborhood; the king of the household. For unusual gifts for men, we offer a wide range of British door knockers with Scottish, Irish, nautical, ornate and British themes. In addition, we also offer small ship bells to install on front or back porches to call the family in for dinner or group gathering. If he is into sports, we offer a Limited Edition pre-decimal coin and stamp collection honouring 20th Century soccer in the U.K. Once our supply is emptied, they will no longer be available. All coins and stamps are authentic/original, no longer in circulation, and becoming highly collectable as their value increases as they become more scarce. What an investment for those with long term interests and a joy to own and appreciate. For the Irish, why not look at the historic Irish pre-decimal penny, or for the Scotsman, the Scottish shilling, the Royal Sterling Collection, or Caledonian Collection of pre-decimal coins.

For the valentines gifts for women on your list, our broad range of Trinity Collection Fine English porcelain plates offer a wide selection of gift ideas. They are beautifully created on Fine English porcelain, rimmed in 22 carat gold, and priced right for a tight budget. They are less expensive than if bought in England where they sell for nearly three times our price.. The most popular series includes Cat and Kitten and Dog and Puppy collections. We also have a limited supply of English made novelty teapots from designs dating back over 200 years, such as Willliam The Contortionist and the Dragon. Toby and character jugs and an Alice In Wonderland series miniature toby jug and teapot collection are at close out prices.


For soccer fans we now offer the same club baseball hats, club scarfs for the cold weather, and "body wrap" flags found in the stores at top British football clubs. If you have any favorite clubs we have not included, please let us know and we will try to locate additional official team memorabilia to our growing list.

Looking for valentines day ideas for boyfriend? Our recently added pre-decimal coin, note and stamp collections are beautifully illustrated by a professional in-house design team They are set in beautiful wood frames, with each around its own theme. All coins and stamps are original and of the actual dates (years) of specific events, such as the Coronation of Queen Elizabeth 11 and The Queen Mother Commemorative Collection. The Princess Diana collection includes coins and stamps of the years of her birth, 21st birthday, marriage to Prince Charles and of her death and includes brief descriptions of events that took place during each year. These collections are very collectable as the coins, notes and stamps are no longer being issued and are becoming increasingly difficult to find. Some are Limited Edition collections (1000) and include their number and letter of authenticity. The Caledonian Collection and Scottish Shilling may be of personal interest as well as the Scottish Shilling and Irish Penny. Commemorative coins of British Monarchs and coins issued during WW11 or of the British Heritage would be of special interest to those who are into the history of Great Britain. A small or medium size Toby Jug filled with candy would be a great and inexpensive gift for a co-worker or friend. All of our ceramic pieces are made and handpainted by British craftsmen.


For quality gifts for friends, neighbors, co-workers and cat and dog lovers, the TRINITY COLLECTION may provide an inexpensive answer as it includes plates that will appeal to a broad range of interests from traditional children scenes, beautiful floral arrangements, cats and kittens, dogs and puppies, traditional country scenes, just to name a few. Each plate is designed and created in the Mellor Studio located in Burslem, Stoke-on-Trent, Staffordshire, England, by a team of Staffordshire artists under the watchful eye of Mr. Nicholas Mellor. Mr. Mellor has achieved the distinctive title of Master Lithographer and has received commissions by internationally famous companies including Danbury Mint and The Hamilton Collection, to produce quality plates as gifts and collectibles throughout the world under their labels. He was awarded a contract with the Jaguar Motor Company to create a plate honouring their 100th year of producing quality automobiles and was later selected to produce a 40th anniversary plate in honour of the Mini Minor/Cooper.

If you cannot think of anyone else to purchase a gift for, why not treat yourself?





The TRINITY COLLECTION currently consists of over 45 individual plates divided into 15 themes; each plate measuring between 8 inches to 6.25 inches in diameter. Each collector plate is produced using Fine English porcelain and bordered with a 22 karat rim. Each theme consists of three plates which may be purchased individually or as a complete set. Shortly after the death of Princess Diana, the Mellor studio designed a commemorative plate created in her memory and contributed an amount from each sale to her favourite charities. We are nearly sold out of the Diana plates, but The Mellor Studio has since designed and produced a commemorative plate honouring the 100th birthday of the Queen Mother which has been very popular among those who follow the Royal family. The best selling set of plates has been a series on cats and it is no wonder as their personalities have been brilliantly captured by the artist.

These plates sell in English shops (in Windsor) for as much as $30.00 each, but because we purchase in large quantities and do not have to pay VAT, we pay less per plate and can pass our savings on to our customers.



Are you looking for unique gifts ? Horse brasses and Enlihsh martingales may be what you are looking for to present to that special person. We have perhaps the largest collection of high quality English horse brasses and martingales in the United States. All of our brass items are made using only a first-run pure ingot brass mix rich in copper for depth of colour and durability. No scrap brass or recycled brass is used in any of our brass collections. All of our door knockers are individually hand poured into sand castings, then, like our horsebrasses, each casting is removed from the sand, shot-blasted to remove any excess material, hand dressed, and hand filed by skilled British craftsmen. Each piece is then hand polished to a high standard, antiqued to give colour and definition to the pattern. The antique colouration is relieved from the more pronounced areas of the casting to give it a beautifully aged look. These include very rare finds, such as the Knights Tempalr Seal and Thomas Becketts Token. For the veteran, a hosrsebrass honouring British military units or commemorating the end of WW11 would certainly earn a place of honour.For loving couple, the Valentine/Two Lover door knocker would be a very nice selection . If the woman of your heart happens to be of Irish ancestry, the Shamrock Claddagh door knocker would be an excellent choice, whether she is married or single. We also have door knockers with Scottish themes, such as the Piper and MackIntosh designs and the Dolphin, Maltese Dolphin and Seahorse for those who love nautical themes.

Our horsebass collection offers unique gifts and collectibles for people with a wide variety of interests. Theses include superstitions, Royals, religion, cathedrals and abbeys, personalities, military units, places of interest in the British Isles, Welsh dragon and harp, Scottish thistle, Irish shamrock and harp, the English rose and the "United" Kingdom that inclcudes all the national symbols in one horsebrass, representing National Unity. They are highly collectable, very decorative and displayed with pride in old coaching inns, hotels and manor homes throughout the United Kingdom. Pubs take great pride in their collections by hanging them individually or displaying them on leather martingales along wooden beams and on the mantles by the fireplace. Each of our designs has been passed down through the ages and all of our horsebrasses are cast using a pure first-run ingot brass mix rich in copper for depth of colour and durability, by a leading British foundry that has been creating quality brasswares for over 75 years. Each is cast and hand finished by skilled craftsmen to enhance the natural beauty of quality brass. They are to be enjoyed today as a collectible, but are truly an heirloom of tomorrow. Some of our designs are already rare and and in high demand among serious collectors, such as the Knights Templar Seal and the Thomas Becketts Token. What a collection of unique gifts and collectibles for an office, den, study, or in the activity room.

For unique gifts and collectibles, why not consider the Irish Shamrock (the three leaf shamrock represents the Holy Trinity) or Irish Harp horsebrasses for lasting friendship that will be passed on to future generations. If family members have served in Irish military units, you may want to visit our Military Unit collection of horsebrasses honouring Irish army regiments, such as the Royal Irish Rangers and The Queens Own Royal Irish Hussars, both of which have served their Monarchs and nation with distinction. These are rare pieces of memorabilia seldom found in stores. Their designs are authentic as our moulds are struck from actual Regimental crests and unit buttons.

Our martingales are a natural addition to horsebrass collections of any size. Each is cut from quality English harness leather for a lifetime of beauty. The "D" rings and buckles are individually cast of the same solid ingot brass used in the production of our horse brasses and door knockers. Makers of cheaper reproductions use recycled brass wire for these fittings and leatherette in place of leather to cut costs. Ours are made to pass down with pride to future generations.

Our horse brasses are approximately 3 inches in diameter and weigh about 3.50 ounces. Our circus brasses are approximately 4.75 inches in diameter and weigh about 11 ounces.





Popular and inexpensive unusual fun gifts for friends and coworkers is the Widecombe Fair collection of character jugs. To add to the enjoyment, we include a copy of the song/story of what happened to this group of friends on their way to the fair many years ago. The fair has been held continuously since the early 19th century and still draws crowds from around the world every year. Uncle Tom Cobleys chair is still on display in thr village.

THE WIDECOMBE FAIR CHARACTER JUG COLLECTION is made in the one man Widecombe pottery and comes in two sizes. The regular size stands about 3.5 inches high with a diameter of about 2.50 inches. The miniatures are approximately 1.75 inches tall with a diameter of about 1.50 inches. Casting is made using local clay mined from the Bovey Tracy clay pits and hand painted by local artists. Each has the name of the character etched in its back so you know who they are while reading or singing the story. We know that you will enjoy them all and that they will become a center of attraction. They make fantastic gifts for others as well as for yourself.



Just place us in the pot near the flower and fill us with water.

Our stems are porous so we will water your plant while you are away.

For personal gifts for the special woman in your life, have you thought of plant waterers? If she is going away for the weekend and worried that there will be no one home to water the house plants while she is away, look no further as our plant waterers may be just the answer. Each is made and hand-painted by Castle Ceramics in a small village (Widecombe) located in the moors near Newton Abbot, Devon, England. Each piece is produced in three stages; the same as our egg cups and pie bird. The upper portion is hand-painted and glazed to make it water tight, but the lower spike is left porous for the water to slowly seep out, as the potting soil dries... keeping the roots moist until you return. You can go away for the weekend knowing your plants will be well taken care of while you are gone.




Are you looking for unique gifts rarely found in American stores? Our collector egg cups and pie bird are made and hand painted by Castle Ceramics in Devon, England. Each piece is individually cast in local clay drawn from the nearby Bovey Tracy clay deposits near Newton Abbot. The biscuit is carefully removed from the mold then cooked for eight hours at 1700 degrees in a kiln. After cooling for twenty-four hours, it is carefully hand-painted by local artists, cooked for another eight hours, cooled for twenty-four hours, glazed, then cooked again for the third and last time. This is another top of the list gift. They are inexpensive yet very collectable, functional. and appeal to a wide range of people. The egg cups measure about 2 inches to 3 inches in height and the pie bird stands 4 inches tall.